Our Production and Supply Categories

We enjoy eating fresh flavors and enrich our meals with this magnificent natural resource. We are happy to offer you our products in the most reliable and healthy ways, with an understanding that cares about your health.

Vegetable Products

Tomatoes, Peppers and Others

Fruit Products

Strawberry, Cherry and Others


Orange, Lemon and Others


Cheese, Milk and Others


Red and White Meat and Fresh Seafood


Chickpeas, Dried Beans and Others

About Us

From Branch to Your Table

Today, Kadızade Group is proud of being a 100% Domestic Capital structure, taking firm steps towards the future, thanks to its hundreds of employees, customers, suppliers and business partners spread all over the world, especially in our country.


Since Year


With Employee Team

All around the world

Customers and Business Partners

With Fresh Products
Great Taste

Kadızade Group is a pioneer offering the perfect combination of fresh products and great taste. We are committed to delivering the best flavors to our customers by prioritizing quality and freshness at every stage of agriculture.

Our Service and Business Concept

Soilless Agriculture with Nature and Technology

Soilless agriculture represents an approach of Kadızade Group focusing on sustainable agricultural practices. Nutrition of plants with hydroponic and aeroponic systems forms the basis of our understanding of water saving and efficiency.

Quality Made by Careful Hands

Meticulous work reflects Kadızade Group’s commitment to maintaining and improving quality standards at every stage. The meticulous efforts of our employees contribute to the high quality of our products.

Perfect Service from Nature to Your Table

Quality products express Kadızade Group’s commitment to providing its customers with the highest level of safe, delicious and nutritious agricultural products. We aim for customer satisfaction with the products we produce with modern agricultural techniques and continuous training.

Head Office: Camişerif Mah. 5246 Street No: 10 / B
Akdeniz /Mersin/ Türkiye

Factory: Özbek Mah. Mücavir Street No: 271
Tarsus / Mersin / Türkiye